What is “Balanced Life Running?”


Races are coming back, baby!!!

Alright, here’s the deal: I used to have some business-y bullshit here. I used to think that I’d make this coaching thing a nice little “side-hustle” in which I made some cash. Well, two years into this experience and I’ve learned that I don’t give a rip about making any money from helping people become better runners.

Check out this picture…


That’s me, running my second fastest half marathon EVER. Over ten years and two kids after the first one. That’s what I’m all about, getting the absolute most out of the ability you’ve been given despite the craziness of your life. That’s the “balanced” in Balanced Life Running. Finding meaning, purpose, and motivation through the running we do.

Back to that money thing… I don’t want a dime (kinda) to help you out with your running. I just want to help runners that are as dedicated to the sport as I am. Hit me up if you want to get the most out of your running given the other craziness that is your life!