Not Fearless, Fear LESS.

These are strange times we’re teaching in.


These are strange times we’re LIVING in.

We cannot control the actions of others. We cannot control many of the things that impact our daily lives. However, it’s important to remember that we CAN CONTROL the way in which we prepare for anything and react to everything. Never forget that living in fear is a CHOICE. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating that we ignore all fear. A certain amount of fear is actually a good thing. As a species, fear has helped us survive over time. It’s how we manage that fear that often determines our level of day-to-day happiness.

When it comes to going for a run, I could conjure up numerous reasons to never leave the house. I could get hit by a car. I could be kidnapped by a weirdo. Shot by a hunter in the woods. Take a bad step and break my ankle miles from home. Attacked by a dog. Mauled by a bear. Hit by a meteor. You get the idea.

Running (and life) must be a healthy balance of hoping for the best, and executing with that expectation, while also being prepared for the worst. When going for a run, dress in bright colors and be lit up in the dark. If you’re wearing earbuds, keep the volume at a level in which you can still hear your immediate surroundings. Be observant of things that seem unusual or out of place, like the same car passing you more than once on a run. Always tell (or text) a friend or loved one where you’re going to run before you head out, as well as when you expect to be back. Run with a friend when possible. (Keeps you both safer, and it’s a great bonding experience!) If you’re thinking about a new route to run, drive it first and be mindful of things like yards with unleashed dogs.

Bear attack.

Meteor: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Being brave doesn’t mean you’re fearless. Being brave means that you recognize that you have fear, and that you make the choice to overcome it!

Be safe out there friends, and keep on running!


Read the update about my school district for context.





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