For Those About to ROCK…

I recently ran a 13K trail race (the Ugly Mudder) in about half a foot of snow. The conditions made for some pretty tough running, but also some great photo opportunities. One of those photos (THANK YOU, Juliane Holz, for that pic, as well as the cover photo!) turned into a new profile picture on Facebook. The picture received a few comments, including the following from one of the race directors…


Thanks for your kind words, Helene! I certainly did “rock so much” at this race, but not for the reasons you might be thinking. It had nothing to do with how fast I covered the course or what place I finished. Nope. I rocked for the same reason that YOU ROCKED, for the same reason that each director, volunteer, and every one of the other 200-plus runners ROCKED at this race. WE ROCKED because we chose to spend some of our valuable time giving our best effort toward our shared passion of running in less than ideal conditions.

When it comes to running, I realize that I’ve been given a gift. That fact will never be lost to me. I wanna let anyone reading this in on a little secret: You have been given the same gift. What I’m talking about is the gift of opportunity. You’ve hit the lottery. It’s true. Consider your conditions. If you’re reading this post, you more than likely have two working legs and arms, a heart and set of lungs that don’t give you trouble, and are (relatively speaking) sound of mind. You were born and raised (or reside now) in a country in which you have the ability to freely make your way around in public. You are also in a situation in which you are afforded the time and resources to run. Some of you might even be missing one of the aforementioned blessings, but choose to run anyway. If that is the case, you are tougher than the rest of us, as it means you were born with a level of determination that most people can only dream of possessing. These facts alone make you luckier than an extremely large portion of our planet’s population. Opportunity!

So, what are you going to do with your gift today? You wanna ROCK at running? If so, it’s simple: Seize the opportunity you have and RUN! Train smart, and keep moving forward!!!



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