Replacing Shoes

A runner of mine asked me a great question about shoes: How often should you change out your running shoes? A widely accepted range of use is between 300-500 miles. But why such a wide range of distance?

  1. Your weight. If two people were wearing the same shoes, but one person weighed 150 pounds and the other 200, the heavier individual will be putting significantly more impact stress on those shoes with every step, wearing them out at a faster rate.
  2. The shoes themselves. Lightweight, minimalist shoes wear out more quickly. Heavier, more cushioned shoes will go longer.
  3. The surface you run on. Softer surfaces like tracks and crushed stone trails will wear shoes at a slower rate than roads.

Of all the technology we have access to for exercise, one tool trumps them all: Your body. When you’re tuned in to what your body is telling you, your feet and shins will let you know if those shoes need to go around 300 miles, or if there’s more life in them.

Keep logging your time/distance running, as well as the way you’re feeling, and you will become much more in in tune to when those old shoes need to be retired to grass mowing status!

Happy Trails,

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