Need a Push, Lone Wolf? Find a Pack!

It was so great seeing our YRRC Tuesday evening run group grow to over 25 runners in just our second meeting! The growth in this group got me thinking about working with others toward common goals…

I understand that the day of the week and time we picked isn’t going to work for everyone each week, but that doesn’t mean you should go it alone. It doesn’t matter what goal (running, work, personal growth, parenting, etc.) you’re trying to accomplish. You’re much more likely to accomplish that goal if you can surround yourself with some other people that have been on (or are currently on) a similar journey. It’s also important to find someone that you consider much better than you in your desired area of improvement to whom you can reach out.

I’ve been running for 25+ years, but there are still days that I can honestly say that I would NOT have run if it wasn’t for another runner there to hold me accountable. I would not be the runner I am today without being pulled along by many other, more talented runners that were willing to share their time and talents with me. Heck, just this past Sunday another local, more talented runner was willing to meet me at a local Lake  for a long run. Without him by my side, I would not have gotten in the quality run that I did that day.

Whatever you’re trying to improve in your own life, whatever goals you’re currently working on, think of someone else that you can work together with, someone that might be able to push you out of your comfort zone a bit. Not only will you be surprised how far you can go, but you’ll most likely form some great friendships in the process!

I hope that everyone has a great end to the week. Warmer weather in the Northeast IS coming!!!

Happy Trails,


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