Improving as a Runner When the Weather Keeps You From Running

*UPDATE: It’s literally 100 degrees outside right now with excessive heat warnings everywhere, just a hair over 3 months after this post was originally written. However, the same ideas apply. Man I LOVE to #runPA!!!


Go home winter, you’re drunk.

Happy Spring!

Is anyone else as done with winter as I am? *Sigh* Warmer days and pleasant running conditions are ahead. We’re sooooo close people.

Unless you have access to a treadmill (or are crazy like me and will TRY to hit the local roads for a bit), today (or any day that brings crazy weather) will most likely be lost as a running day. That’s OK! An unplanned day off here and there is never a bad thing. It’s great for some extra recovery and keeps you hungry to get back out there when the weather finally clears up. When it comes to your training, I always that you should take what the universe gives you rather than force the issue.

Just because you can’t actually run on a given day doesn’t mean that you can’t improve as a runner that day. Take the time that you would’ve spent running today and use it to do any of the following…

PLAN. Look at your schedule for the upcoming week and map out when you can workout. Reach out to a fellow runner and plan a run together,

READ. Do some research about running. Maybe you’re wondering about a certain type of training, such as tempo running. Read up and get learned! Has a certain muscle group been sore? Read up about some new stretches hit hit that area. Speaking if stretches…

STRETCH! Over the last year or so, I’ve starting doing regular yoga and it’s been amazing for active recovery, injury prevention, and just feeling better during the day. If you’re looking for a place to start, just search “yoga” on YouTube.” I’ve been following along with the “Yoga With Adriene” channel. Lots of options there. If you don’t mind spending a little money, I also use DDP Yoga. It’s a little hokey, but effective, and that’s right up my alley.

MEAL PREP. I’m a huge advocate of getting more protein into breakfast. It’ll keep your weight down and help with workout recovery. For many people, breakfast is often rushed. If you’d like an omelet pre-made and ready to go, try this: Mix together some eggs, egg whites, cheese, bacon, spinach (anything else that you’d like to throw in an omelet!) in a bowl. Pour the mixture into a muffin pan. Throw it in the oven for about 25 minutes at 350. Now you have 12 pre-made omelets ready to rock. Keep them in the fridge, and just warm them up in the microwave when you’re ready.

Those are just a few ideas about how to advance your running on a day when actually running is out of the question. If you’ve got your own ideas, feel free to share by leaving a comment!

Happy Trails,


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