Running Through Your “Seasons”

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. I’m a creature of habit for sure, but have been way out of my regular routines all summer. However, that’s about to change in a hurry. Being a teacher, it’s time to get serious with work. This leads into a message that I’ve shared before but is worth sharing again: The idea of “seasons” in our lives….

Training doesn’t exist in isolation. The many stressors of life impact not only our mental health, but also our physical health and ability to exercise. There will be times when we’re forced into taking a step back from our running, and it’s important to learn to roll with missing runs and taking time off rather than get frustrated by it.

Our lives (and our running) have seasons that come and go, and we must learn to embrace those and work with them rather than fight against them. Teacher-runners like myself are no doubt feeling the stress of all of our start-of-the-year tasks, as well as the fact we’re about to be responsible for the lives, safety, and well-being of about 30 kids per class. I know I am, which is the reason I’ll most likely be missing more days of running (or quality training) than I would normally like. However, I’ve learned to use this time of year as a natural break from more strenuous training, which leaves me feeling refreshed and eager to get back to more serious running during mid fall when there is more time to run, the stress level is much lower, and the weather is better!

To the non-teachers out there, I’m sure you can think of times throughout the year when outside stressors typically pick up. It might be the stress that comes with the winter holidays, or the end of the fiscal year in late June. It’s important to identify when this happens so that you can adjust the expectations for the other elements of your life like the running you might like to do.

When you get behind on your running goals, it is important to be patient. Many people think that if they miss a couple days, they need to work harder to make up for lost time. It’s also easy to miss a couple days of running, and then when you do get back to it, you run too fast or hard because you feel so rested. These are both recipes for injury. Be patient and disciplined in your pace. Keep it easy unless it’s a workout designed for speed. No matter what, roll with what life gives you!

In other news…

TWO LOCAL RACES NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!! The Quarterback Club 5k/10k and White Rose 5-Miler are two great upcoming races in downtown York, PA that need your support. Please consider registering or volunteering for one (or both!) of these awesome races!

RUNPA.ORG has an AWESOME new shirt design! That design is the feature image of this post!! Show your state running pride by picking up some swag from an awesome local business. This stuff makes great Christmas gifts for the runners on your list!!!


Happy Trails,


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