Finding Time to Run: Get Creative and Look for a Win-Win

I get asked a lot about the best way to make time for running as a working parent. There’s no simple answer because of the unique variables involved for every individual. However, I can say that no matter what your situation is, the best way to find time for your running within the confines of a busy schedule is to always be flexible, thinking creatively, and looking to make win-win situations. Sometimes it’s best to share stories and examples with each other about how we make it all work…

Last Thursday, I was ready to get in some miles right after work. I had my bag packed, my son was hanging with his cousins after getting off the bus, and my wife was set to grab my daughter from preschool. As my workday came to an end, I called my wife to make sure that she was still good to grab my daughter. She was, but also told me that her windshield took a rock on the highway and was cracked halfway across. I could tell that it was bothering her, and that she wanted it taken care of ASAP. It was time to pivot.

Instead of running immediately after work, I went home and got on the phone to schedule an appointment for her windshield for the next day, as well as work things out with the insurance company. By the time my wife got home, everything was set up. I’d give her my car to take to work the next day, and borrow a car from my family for the day for my own commute. The only thing I needed to do was drop the car off at the shop, and go get the spare car. So, I put on my running gear, drove the car to the shop, dropped the keys, and RAN to get the spare car. In the end, I was able to get in a run AND help out my wife and kids in the process by letting them relax at home instead of running cars around. Win-win.


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