Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners!

The Holidays are upon us, which means it’s time to buy people stuff. It also means it’s time to ask for stuff. If you’re like me, you will no doubt end up find yourself in gift exchanges that include price caps. We have them at work, within the organizations we volunteer, and among our extended family. Not only can it be difficult to buy small gifts for others whom you may barely know (gift cards notwithstanding), but it can also be difficult to come up with gift suggestions for others under certain price limits (gift cards notwithstanding). With that in mind, I offer you twelve gift ideas at or around $30 that you can give a runner, or that you yourself can request from others in a gift exchange scenario…

  1. Gift Card. Let’s get the cop out gift outta the way right up top. However, it’s not exactly a cop out if the gift card comes from your local running store, ala Flying Feet here in York, PA!
  2. Socks. Every runner I know loves a good pair of quality running socks, but most are apprehensive to spend the money on them. This includes the plain variety, as well as those offering compression.
  3. Hat. You could go with the billed variety, or winter cap style.
  4. Fuel. Gels, energy bars, etc. I’ve been meaning to check out Honey Stinger lately. This would be a good time to ask for some!
  5. Light. This time of year is tough for running because for the short daylight hours. Having a running light improves your safety on the road once the sun goes down.
  6. Reflective Vest. See #5. Another option for being lit up for motorists during runs.
  7. Key Pouch. If you’re running from your car, it’s nice to know that you’ve got a place to keep your key that won’t be bothersome.
  8. Gloves. Make sure it’s a pair with soft material on the thumb and index finger for those times when the nose must be wiped on the run. (Gross but true.)
  9. Car Seat Towel. Keep your car seat in better shape by keeping your sweat off of it! Great to stash away until summer rolls back around.
  10. Lock Laces. These are primarily used by triathletes wanting to change into their shoes quickly, but offer a nice, flexible feel that regular laces can’t.
  11. Biofreeze. Awesome product for sore muscles!
  12. Register a Race! Wanna go outside the box? Ask someone to pay your registration fee (or pay for someone else’s) for a smaller race or running series!

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