Seek Help, Meet Goals.

One of the best ways to improve in running (or career, or life!) is to carry the mindset that there will always be times in which you’ll need to ask for help, and that it’s OK to do so! We’re often too proud to admit when there’s something that we don’t know and we never seek the necessary advice from an expert. (And no, searching the internet doesn’t count as seeking expert advice, unless you’re searching for an actual person to reach out to!)

After getting a little overzealous with my race schedule, I recently ended up with a case of runner’s knee. It’s a problem that I haven’t had since 2005 when I was marathon training. Having dealt with it before, it would’ve been easy to simply revisit what I had done 14 years ago to get over the injury. However, a lot has been learned in 14 years concerning the study of running training, conditioning, and mechanics. So when Martin Castaldi (a member of our email group) from Pivot Physical Therapy reached out offering to help, I was eager to jump on the opportunity learn more about recovering from (and preventing) this injury. I had the mindset that even after 25 years of running and learning about the sport, there’s always more knowledge to be gained. Martin was able to give me a series of exercises that I had never used before in my training, targeting some muscle groups that I had never quite been able to reach. I’m feeling great and on my way back to running pain free. Humbling myself and asking for advice in this instance could very well lead to many, many more years of healthy running as opposed to a frustrating series of injuries.  

That’s a BQ!!!

Speaking of being humble, I’m going to brag about two of the people I’ve coached because they would never brag about themselves. Over the weekend those two runners, Darrel and Nancy, finished marathons in Georgia and Myrtle Beach, respectively. They had very different goals. Darrel was trying to break through a time barrier he’d struggled with (3:25) and run a Boston Marathon Qualifier. Nancy wanted to finish her marathon healthy and under 4 hours after having been in a walking boot about 12 weeks ago. Both Darrel and Nancy have two things in common: First, they reached out for HELP! Not just from me, but from other runners as well. (While Darrel had to do a lot of training on his own, Nancy had some very dedicated training buddies!) The other thing that they had in common? They met their goals! Coincidence? I think not.

What goal are you chasing? Who can you reach out to that will help you get there??? Take a moment today and think about something that you could use some help with. Then, find someone and ask them for help!

Happy Trails,


If you’re dealing with any running-related aches and pains like I was, here’s a some information about Martin, from the man himself…

The company I work for is Pivot Physical Therapy.  It is a outpatient orthopedic clinic with primary focus on orthopedic and sport rehabilitation.  I treat a variety of conditions such as post-concussion syndrome, BPPV (Vertigo), pre/post-operative procedures, and general aches and pains.  I am currently the only treating clinician in the facility. I have my doctorate in Physical Therapy, and I am a board certified orthopedic specialist, and a certified strength and conditioning specialist as well.  My favorite item to rehabilitate would have to be sports related injuries (as I enjoy running), and post operative procedures as well.

Pivot Physical Therapy  •  984 Loucks Road  •  York, PA 17404  •  717.430.0770

Success! Welcome to the Pack!

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