No more “Must be nice” guy…

It’s been a while!  I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth. Rather, my family and I took 3 weeks to travel 6,000 miles of it in a camper.  This trip got me thinking about LOTS of things that I’ll be writing about in the coming months, including today’s topic: Mindset.

Have you ever seen someone doing something that you were a little envious of and thought “must be nice?”  Or has anyone ever uttered those words to you in response to something that you have accomplished?  I have used this phrase myself in the past, but have made the choice to shift my mindset concerning the achievements of others.

Instead of saying “must be nice” when you see someone else in a place that you’d like to be, begin to ask “how’d they do it?”

I had seen so many people take trips across the country and visit landmarks like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, all the while thinking “must be nice.”  Once I shifted to the “how’d they do it?” mindset, things started to happen and fall into place.  The result was a 22 day road trip across 15 states, through 9 national parks and monuments, making a TON of lifelong memories.  Must’ve been nice, right?  It was!  It was also over a year in the making and A LOT of hard work behind the scenes.

Hey, know what?  RUNNING is a lot like that!  It’s easy to see someone’s awesome results at a cool destination race.  Must’ve been nice, right?  I bet it was!  Chances are it was also over a year in the making and A LOT of hard work behind the scenes.

The next time you hear about someone achieving something great, or living out their life the way you wish you could, avoid that “must be nice” attitude.  It won’t accomplish anything.  Start asking the question “how’d they do it?!”  At worst, you’ll gain a respect for the achievements of others.  At best, you’ll be on your way to achieving goals that you previously thought impossible!

Happy Trails,


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