Have some fun out there…

Last weekend I ran the Harrisburg Marathon for the first time.  Every race provides the chance for a learning experience.  The first takeaway from the weekend is to never stop chasing goals.  I had run my previous marathon personal best fifteen (15!!!) years ago.  Keep seeking knowledge and growing wiser about the sport, or any pastime you might be passionate about.

My second (and biggest) takeaway is to just have fun out there.  I entered this race 10 days prior to help pace a friend.  I put no pressure on myself to even finish, let alone run a PR.   The whole time out on the course I was telling jokes and full of smiles.  I was just thinking to myself how blessed I was just to be out there, still doing this at 37.  With each passing mile, I was more and more grateful to still be rolling along.  The positive energy snowballed, resulting in one of the best races I’ve ever run.  It’s amazing what happens when you run loose and free of expectations.  Life is a lot like that.  Don’t be afraid to take some chances and let it rip every now and then, all the while never taking things too seriously.

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