YOU Have Control…

I was once asked in an interview what percentage of the things that happened to me I had complete control over, and what percentage I had no control over whatsoever. 50/50? 70/30? ?/?? It was an unexpected question and it threw me a bit. For the life of me I cannot remember how I answered that question in the moment, but I vividly remember the best answer smacking me upside the head as I drove away from the interview that afternoon: The percentages related to control over what happens TO YOU mean NOTHING. It’s the percentage of control that you have over HOW YOU REACT TO THOSE THINGS that counts, and that percentage sits firmly at 100. 

None of us had any control over the situation that we find ourselves in currently, but we sure as hell can decide each and every day how we respond. I say we do it with positivity. 

With races being cancelled left and right, it can be difficult to find motivation for training. Please know that the work you put in now WILL pay dividends down the road when things get back to normal. (Next week we’ll talk about some “bread and butter” workouts that are great for any time of the year, racing or not.) Running is cumulative. Our best race performances are built over YEARS of consistent running. This time is not lost. It’s as important as any other as far as your training is concerned. Don’t lose sight of that fact. 

There’s also another element to our motivation to run that is often ignored: Our state of mental health. To put it simply, the more depressed we are, the harder it is to get out the door. The good news is that we all have a good bit of control over how we feel. You are what you consume, and I’m not talking about food. I’m talking about media in general. Not too long ago the main stream media figured out that fear and negativity sell. Don’t buy. Never forget that you have control over the content you consume. Ignore the highly polarizing news sources. Unfollow or mute negative individuals on social media. Find positive and motivating digital content, podcasts, or print. Send your closest friends and family encouraging and uplifting messages often. Listen to music that gets you hyped to take on the day. 

Never forget that while we might not control the things that happen TO us, we have complete control over how we REACT. Stay safe, and keep the vibes positive!!!

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