Planning for the 2021 Unknown

Finding races over the past year has been very strange.  Some have kept their dates.  Some have shifted to different seasons.  Some have capped numbers, while others have opted for altered courses and wave starts.  Some have cancelled altogether and have offered deferrals for 2021.  Some 2021 races are ALREADY shifting!  Training for a moving target can be pretty tricky.  However, there are some basic training elements that everyone can follow to stay fit and be ready to give a solid effort when the opportunity does arise.  The middle of winter, when the race scene would naturally slow down in any non-pandemic year, presents a great time to begin building (or REbuilding) a solid base for the spring and summer seasons.  Some things every runner should be doing during this time include…

  • Mobility work: This includes focused stretching, as well as rolling and massage. Yoga routines work well here too.
  • Strength work: Everyone has different preferences here.  Whether it be iron or body weight, do some research and refine your routine. 
  • Increase your long run: Add a mile or two a week to your long run until it’s the desired distance.  This depends on the races you’ll be doing. 
  • Hit the hills!  Don’t shy away from them on regular runs.  They build strength, physical AND mental. 

Most importantly, never be afraid to ask for help.  The running community is full of awesome people that are willing to share their knowledge and experience. 

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