Weekly Update 2/15/21

This past Saturday I ran a pretty difficult long run workout in preparation for an April race.  (Spring race performances, by the way, are made in January and February.  But that’s a topic for another email!)  Luckily, I was joined by three other gentlemen that are just as nuts as I am.  While we didn’t run side by side for the faster intervals within the run because of our slightly varying abilities, the positive psychological impact of simply being on the road with others was undeniable.  We all ran slightly faster than we originally planned, because we pushed and pulled each other through the toughest parts of the run.  

Running is a unique sport in that it’s easy to train completely solo from the moment you register for a race to the moment you cross the finish line.  However, there is a tremendous benefit to running WITH other people.  Because of that, I try to encourage runners to seek out and meet up with others on a regular basis.

The York Road Runners website is in the process of a facelift.  One of the pages on that site that’s getting some serious work is the “Group Runs” page.  I’d encourage anyone living in the York area to bookmark it and check back often for updates.  The hope is to give everyone a boost in their running by teaming up with others.  I’d wager that you’ll make some new friends as well!

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