Weekly Update 2/22/21

Let’s talk about intentionality. 

If you’re going for a run, you better be intentional about its purpose, and adjust your focus accordingly.  Recovery day?  Take it EASY.  Long run?  Practice your fueling and cadence.  Tempo workout?  Hone in on the right pace.  Hill reps?  Quick feet and a proper arm swing.  

If you’re blessed enough to wake up to a new day, you better be ready to live your life with intentionality.  Your mind is a battlefield, and there are a growing number of outlets that would like to grab hold of its attention.  Be wary of where you place your attention, because there any number of bad actors (*cough social media cough*) looking to grab hold of it for profit.  

Writing down your goals is always a great idea.  When you wake up, make a note of what you intent to accomplish during the day you’re given.  Anything that stands in your way of accomplishing those goals should be ignored.  Period.  

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