Headlamp Living

The recent turning of the clocks had me thinking about all of the running I had been doing in the dark with a headlamp, especially on the trails of PA.  That practice has actually become something I’ve grown to enjoy.  It took a little reflection to figure out why that is, but I think I figured it out.  When you run in the dark with a headlamp on trails, your focus is forced to lie only on your immediate surroundings, on the next few footfalls.  That’s it.  Trying to focus on anything further ahead or too wide of your periphery will result in trouble, mostly in the form of eating dirt.  

It’s a great life lesson.

Far too often we focus on things that are too far ahead of us, or too far off in the periphery of our lives, that we end up tripping over the very things that are right in front of us!  Don’t let that project deadline at work three months out take up so much mental space that you forget the waffle breakfast you promised your kids tomorrow morning.  As you go about your day, imagine you’re running through the forest at night with a headlamp.  Narrow your focus to those things that are immediately in front of you, on your next few steps.  And then the next few.  And the next few after that.  By doing so, you’ll arrive at the end of your journey with fewer bumps and bruises!

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