Bad weather? TOUGH.

What a fun time of year for weather, or so says my laundry.  The last bit of clothes I folded included my shortest shorts, as well as my most serious cold weather gear.  We’ve had some beautiful, sunny days in the 70s, wind chills below freezing, and everything in-between.  It’s almost as if the weather this time of year is a parallel to something else…  Oh, yeah, that thing called LIFE.  

We can’t choose the weather, so there’s no sense in worrying about it.  Kinda like what the next day might bring in terms of our lives.  You can’t change it, so you might as well face up and attack.  

Some of the most impactful and memorable runs I’ve ever done have taken place in the absolute worst conditions.  They’re the ones that make you stronger physically AND mentally.  Tough days are like that.  The toughest part of dealing with the days full of adversity is seeing past the immediate; seeing past the pain you’re feeling in the moment.  If you can come to understand how the trials you face on hard days will help you down the road, in the moment, you will be able to walk away from any day with a smile on your face.  

What’s it all mean for your running?  The next time you’re about to head out the door for a run and the weather is downright shitty, don’t blink.  Just GO.  Don’t check the hourly forecast.  Don’t think about rearranging your day, or shuffling the training days of your week.  GO.  Either the weather will break in your favor, or you will have gained the opportunity to run through lousy conditions and grow that much stronger.  Never forget that working through the toughest seasons breeds the strongest runners.  

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