Would you rather…

Let’s play a little game of “would you rather” this morning…

Would you rather finish a race thinking, “I could’ve run harder,” OR “I could’ve run smarter?”

There are times in which we let fear dictate our effort.  It could be the fear of pain from running a little faster, or the fear of overexerting yourself too early and crashing well before the finish line.  If you give such fear too great a voice, you’ll no doubt get to the finish line feeling like there was more in the tank, thinking, “I could’ve run harder!”

There are times in which we let pure emotion dictate our effort.  Maybe it was that awesome pre-race music mix that got you too hyped, or that you felt the need to take out your anger or frustrations on the road or trail.  Maybe you got caught up in the adrenaline rush of being pulled along at too fast a pace by the crowd of runners surrounding you in a bigger race.  By the time you realize that you have started too fast, it’s too late.  You die a slow (or maybe quick?!) death to the finish line, thinking, “I could’ve run smarter!”

So, what’s the best choice? 

I’ll let YOU think about that one for a week. 

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