The Answer? There is NO ANSWER!!

Last week I asked you to play a little game of “would you rather.” 

Would you rather finish a race thinking, “I could’ve run harder,” OR “I could’ve run smarter?”

We sat on the answer for a week.  Isn’t it crazy how fast a week can go by!  In my opinion, like just about all “would you rather” hypotheticals, there is no RIGHT answer.  Those of us that are lucky enough to find true happiness in life do so because we focus on the “what is” instead of the “what could have been.”

Reflecting on our running results should follow this line of thinking.  If you have the ability to go out and run, be it for fitness, pleasure, or both, I have a secret for you: You’ve hit the lottery. It’s true. Consider your conditions. If you’re reading this email, you more than likely have two working legs and arms, a heart and set of lungs that don’t give you trouble, and are (relatively speaking) sound of mind. You were born and raised (or reside now) in a country in which you have the ability to freely make your way around in public without fear of attack. You are also in a situation in which you are afforded the time and resources to run. Some of you might even be missing one of the aforementioned blessings, but choose to run anyway. If that is the case, you are luckier still, as it means you were born with a level of determination that most people can only dream of possessing. These facts alone make you luckier than an extremely large portion of our planet’s population.  

So, the next time you feel frustrated about where you’re at with your running, or the result of a race, think about how lucky you are to be feeling that frustration!  

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