A Little Race Taper…

With live races popping up on the regular, you’ll want to be ready to give a solid effort if/when you toe the start line.  In order to be feeling your best on race day, here’s what the preceding 4 days might look like.  For this example, we’ll say it’s a Saturday race. 

Tuesday: If you are used to running harder workouts once a week, this is where that workout would go.  Being a race week, take the amount of faster running that you would usually do and cut it about in half.  For example, if you’d usually do 4-5 miles worth of faster running or intervals, cut it back to 2-3.  A solid little race-week workout would include 3-4 times 1200 (0.75miles), with a quarter mile jog between each. 

Wednesday: Run an easy 40ish minutes.  Don’t worry about distance, just time on your feet.  The goal here is to shake out yesterday’s workout and get some blood flow going for some solid stretch/mobility work afterward. 

Thursday: OFF. Yes, THURSDAY OFF.  No running.  This is the most important day for getting rest and recovery for a Saturday effort.  Take a little walk if you’re feeling antsy and work through your stretch/mobility routines.  This is also the most important day for SLEEP.  Make getting your 8 hours on Thursday night a priority.  

Friday: An easy 30ish minutes with a few 15-20 second pickups after you’re 15 minutes into the run.  Nothing crazy fast, just enough to get your legs moving before the next day.  Taking the day before a race effort off can lead to some heavy-feeling legs once the gun goes off. 

Saturday: HAVE FUN!

There you have it!  As always, if you have any specific questions about your training or racing, don’t be afraid to reach out.  I wish everyone a healthy spring racing season!!! 

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