It Takes a Village…

It takes a village to run a trail ultra. 

Last weekend I had the privilege of racing the Hyner 50K, arguably (along with the 25K the same day) the biggest trail racing event on the entire East Coast.  I had one hell of a day, rolling in at 6th overall.  More importantly, I left it all out there on the trail.  I can honestly say that I don’t believe I could’ve finished any faster.  

No matter what ridiculous hobby you dump your time and resources into, chances are that if you achieve any amount of success it’s due to a solid support group.  As I reflect on my race weekend, that fact couldn’t be more evident. 

Elyce, Bastian, Harbor, Mom, Dad, Amy, Mike, John, Jon, Anne, Seth, Jakin, Joe, James, Josh, Ben, Anthony, Adam, Andrew, Andrew, Jandy, Marc, James, Robert, Matt, Luke, Chris, Bethany, Diane, Jerrell, Cecile, Meg, Mike, Greg…  There’s most likely some people in there that I’m missing. 

If it wasn’t for each and every one of those individuals, I’d never have had the race I did.  There’s my amazing wife and kids that understand the time I spend training, my parents that have always encouraged me to pursue my passions, the high school coaches that showed me the local trails, the dudes that introduced me what REAL trail running was and played tour guide on some of the best trails in the country, the guys that trained along side of me, pushing and pulling mile after mile, and the coworkers that covered for me so I could step away from work and make the whole weekend happen.  


I’d encourage each of you to reflect this week on the people that have been supportive of your pursuits.  Let those people know how instrumental they’ve been in helping you achieve your goals.  And take some time to think about how you might help someone else achieve their own. 

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