I reached out to Eric out of nowhere with 6 weeks of notice asking him for help with a Marathon Training Plan. Coming from trail/ultra running, I knew I needed help reaching a personal goal of mine.

Without hesitation Eric put together a 5 week program. His plan was to have my peak long run be our race and he gave me a mid week workout and paces to go off of. I filled the rest in with my normal running/fitness routine. Eric continued to check in on me, holding me accountable and helping to build my confidence.

It all came together come race day. I negative split the marathon going under 3 hours. An achievement I had no idea I was ready to accomplish.  Eric built myself up to trust my training and run wild come race day.  Without Eric I would not have broke a 3 hour marathon in 2021.  I am glad I worked up the courage to seek help from someone with more know how than myself, I encourage others to do the same.

– Buck

Training for a half-marathon with Eric was a wonderful experience. I had never run for more than 10 miles and wanted some personalized help. Eric deliverd that in spades. He built a plan around my abilities, pushing me to get comfortable running at longer distances, as well as helping me build stretching and other exercises into my plan. Not only did Eric help me train, he helped me become a better runner as a whole. Eric helped break down the art of running, from form to breathhing teqhniques. Come race day, not only did I feel extremely prepared but I came in well under my goal time. Eric is a wonderful coach and I cannot recommend working with him enough.

– Dylan

I started running at 43 years old to try and bring myself back into health.  After starting and stopping for a few years, I entered a 25k trail race and enjoyed it but found myself woefully under prepared.  I had been hooked though and registered for an endurance trail race; that is when I found Eric.  After he looked at my recent runs using Strava he set an 8 week training schedule that was intimidating but was designed to get me ready to run for a full 10 hours.  I had tons of questions and he always was quick to help and provide more detailed directions.  When the day of the event finally came I felt prepared but it wasn’t until I passed the 30 mile mark that I realized how prepared my body had become.  I pushed through the day and blasted through my distance goal and my stretch goal, finishing at 48 miles! Eric helped me achieve something I didn’t believe was possible.


– Mark

My first experience with Eric Wolfgang as a coach was with the marathon distance.  I was an athlete in high school and ran track.  My events were mostly 200, 400, pole vault and similar relays.  I competed for a short time in college and then nothing after, not even leisure running for fitness.  I worked out to try to stay in shape.  

Fast forward to 37 years old.  I was toying around with Spartan Races because the obstacles leveled the playing field for me but the running was killing me.  I’m competitive by nature so I wanted more, I wanted to improve my running but had no idea how to do it.  I met Eric through mutual friends and local group runs, and found out our boys were in class together at school.  Long story short,  Eric asked me at one point what would be a goal of mine.  For no good reason that I’m aware of I blurted out, “I’d like to run a marathon.”  Without hesitation, Eric created a training program for me.  I was able to run with a lot of experienced runners through that program and all were willing to offer their advice.  This all led to a 3:05:06, 2019 Philadelphia Marathon.  My goal was to break 3:00 or at the very least qualify for Boston.  From where I was when I started, to running that time showed me that with the right coach, the right plan, and the willingness to put in the hard work, even though not reached this time, my goals were achievable.  

I had every intention of taking a break through the holidays, as the marathon was in November and then starting a second training cycle for another attempt at breaking 3 hours and achieving a BQ.  That’s when it all fell apart.  The pandemic hit and I was lost.  I was dealing with some nagging injuries I felt were never going to go away.  I had no race to shoot for which meant no plan.  I made some terrible mistakes chasing Strava segments because I felt that was a way for me to feed my competitive addiction.  I basically ran myself into the ground, lost my distance fitness, and went from a couple issues to many issues with basically most of the mechanics of my running.

I decided I needed to start fresh with everything.  Go back to my roots and see if I can get things turned around because I was miserable.  I stopped running, went back to strength training and added in some biking.  It started working.  I started feeling stronger and my leg muscles started responding the way they used to again.

This is when I decided I needed another map to follow, and I needed to set some goals to keep me motivated.  I reached out to Eric and I told him what I wanted to do.  I had to start ‘small’ because I knew jumping right back into a marathon PR was not an option in my condition.  I told Eric I wanted to run a sub 5 minute mile.  Again, without hesitation he was all in.  When I say all in, I mean all in to the point that he trained for it with me.  Which was insane because he was already training for one of the most challenging 50K races in PA, known as Hyner.  He built a progressive program that would build my running back in slowly but effectively.  We started training the week of Jan 18th, 2021 with only about 15-20 miles a week running to the week of March 29th with 40-45 miles running.  We ran together for most of the workouts.  We pushed each other and he kept me controlled.  Anyone who knows me, knows I lack control.  This was crucial in my training.  I still had doubts if I was going to achieve my goal but Eric had nothing but confidence in me and I could tell he was not going to let me fail.

April 6th at 6pm on the Columbia High School track, Eric led the way to my mile PR running a sub 5 minute mile.  Official time is somewhat debatable due to some anomalies with GPS and other factors.  Strava gave me a 4:48, thankfully in the running community Strava is the only thing that matters.  Joking of course.  Either way, coming from injury to ripping off a sub 5 min mile PR in basically 3 months further proves Eric’s coaching methods work, and work well.  If you are willing to put in the work and follow the plan Eric won’t let you down.  The work is the important part.  Don’t waste his time because I can guarantee he won’t waste yours.

– James

I’ve been distance running since 2011 thanks to the influence of my older brother. My sports days were over so replacing laps on the sports fields with loops on asphalt was a perfect fit for me. I started small and worked my up to the marathon distance and was hooked. I continued year after year and added race after race but eventually hit a wall in 2018 after my 16th marathon. I was tired of the same old routine and I was finding it hard to stay committed to each run and to push myself to find more speed. Thats when I knew it was time for a coach. Someone that could hold me accountable and to tell me what I needed to do to improve.

A friend of mine knew Eric and found success with his training so I thought “why not.” Eric jumped on board with me and helped me the last 4 weeks during my spring 2019 training and I could clearly see the difference. I PR’d by nearly 2 minutes at the York Marathon and was hungry for more. Starting in June, Eric guided me through his 22 week training plan and it was everything I needed and more. It was challenging and the progression was just right. He helped me with all aspects of running and was there for any assistance I needed. His knowledge and years of experience provided me with an incredible journey which resulted in a new PR at the Harrisburg Marathon in the Fall of 2019 by over 10 minutes and 30 seconds. I couldn’t have been happier and of course I’m hungry for more. My older brother has told me many of times that I’d never touch his PR of 3:14. Now I’m only 15 minutes away so he better watch out because I’m knocking on his door! Thanks again Eric and you’re my #1 recommendation to all!

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 4.52.01 PM

– Dan

Eric recently wrote a training plan to help me achieve my goal of sub 1 hour at the
Army 10 miler. He analyzed where I was at with my running and specifically targeted workouts towards my goal. The sessions were challenging and progressive, and helped give my training structure and purpose. On race day I ran 57:51, well under the goal I had set, and a PR by over 4 minutes!  I can’t thank Eric enough for his time and for sharing his knowledge.  I would highly recommend him to someone looking to take their training and performance to the next level.


– David

Although I have always been fairly active, I discovered the joy of running later in life.  I ran my first marathon almost 10 years ago after I turned 42 and after my third marathon I had taken 35 minutes off my time from my first race three years earlier and started to think about qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  Over the next 7 years I ran another 12 marathons getting as close as 40 seconds this past fall.  I have been known to be stubborn but at my wife’s insistence I decided that if I was really serious about achieving this goal maybe I should  find a coach that knows more about running than I do.  I had been receiving Eric’s weekly running emails and decided to reach out to him for help.  From day one Eric has been very responsive and helpful.  He developed a plan specific to my background,  helped me get set up on Strava to monitor my training and the biggest thing is that he held me accountable for doing the work necessary.  During the 4 month training cycle leading up to the marathon I ran a few shorter races (not a big fan of anything shorter than half marathon) as part of a local winter series and posted my fastest 5K, 5 mile, 10K and 10 mile times.  This past weekend I ran the Albany GA marathon and I always stalk the weather leading up to these type of races.  As I was preparing to fly out the forecast called for temps in the 60s with humidity of 95%!! I texted Eric in a little panic and asked about changing race strategy due to the high humidity.  He convinced me that under optimal conditions I could possibly do a 3:20 but with this humidity don’t give up on getting under 3:25 which I needed to qualify. The humidity did not disappoint!  With a solid in race nutrition and hydration plan from Eric I was able to finish strong.   As I got to  the last 6 miles of the race I was passing many runners that had already hit the wall and I know how that feels!  I was able to run a very even pace all the way through the end with my fastest ½ mile coming as I crossed the finish line.  Thank you Eric! Boston 2020!


– Darrel

Eric was able to provide me with coaching and advice.  What he provided was more than just a spreadsheet with a training plan.  He knew exactly what kind of training I needed to feel confident in reaching my goal.  There was never once that I doubted that I wasn’t going to cross that finish line, and it was because I knew that I had a solid training base and that I could trust the training that I had done.  I’ve been running for over 15 years now, but Eric has been my first coach and he truly transformed my running.

I have spent six months training with Eric and have had an awesome experience. I
had been running for the past 2 or 3 years “on and off” without any consistency prior to his coaching. I really had no experience with structured speed type workouts (intervals / tempo / etc.), so I wanted to learn how to do these workouts and to implement them into my schedule. During our initial conversations I let Eric know that my objective was to spend a few months prior to a half marathon and learn how to overcome “stopping and starting” workouts and how to build a solid schedule, with the intent of being able to finish the 13.1 miles. He was more than happy to help me and had no problem with that plan. 

Over the several months training with Eric, he was always on top of everything going on with my training, work schedule and life. I always knew the game plan and I always had my schedule well in advance so I knew what was coming but not too far in advance to stress me out. He responded to daily workouts as well as any questions I had regarding schedule changes, nutrition, injuries, heart rate, or whatever else I could come up with. Even with his busy schedule, he was great about making sure that my workouts were modified to meet my changing schedule.   

I never thought I would get or need a coach.  I know (or so I thought) a decent amount about running anyway, so I always did my own training.  However, as my schedule got busier I had less time (and want) to think about my own training schedule.  Eric was a perfect fit!  Most off, I knew Eric really cared about me; both personally and in running.  I would highly recommend his coaching service to anyone who is interested. If you want to speak with me personally about my experience, feel free to contact me directly (ask Eric for my contact info).

Hershey Half Oct 2018

– Bob

Eric has been a fantastic catalyst in my pursuit of being an elite spartan racer.  I have a busy full-time job along with coaching CrossFit at a local gym.  Eric helped me develop a running/training schedule while being very “present” in my journey. His kind, professional & experienced approach worked well for me. We set goals and worked hard together to achieve them.  I have been an athlete of Eric’s for two seasons now and he has helped take me to the Spartan World Championships in both 2017 & 2018, as an Elite male competitor. I recommend Eric for any level runner looking to push themselves to the next level!


 – Happy Trails, Joe

Eric is a passionate and talented runner who wants you to succeed! He understands the craziness of life and he provides an individualized training plan that is practical for busy schedules. He sends weekly check-in emails to help keep you motivated and continues to offer expert advice leading up to race day. Eric helped me to break through my plateau and achieve a new half marathon PR!


– Christina

With the crazy demands on my schedule I found myself 56 days away from my upcoming half and questioning my ability to cross the finish line.  Training had not gone my way and for the first time since I started running in 2013 I was contemplating selling my bib for a race. That was something I REALLY didn’t want to do. I reached out to a runners group on Facebook for a second opinion and thankfully, Eric replied to my post offering up his expertise to get me to race day.  We discussed my running experience, my goals (both for the upcoming race and running in general) and we discussed my absolutely crazy schedule of school, work and my family. On short order Eric had pulled together a personalized running schedule based on my needs and my goals for that race. He also helped me tackle questions about race nutrition, injury prevention and worked with some issues I was having with shin splints. He was gracious with his time and always just a direct message away if I had questions. Eric, Thanks for being an awesome coach and helping me get to the finish line!

– Barb Book ☺ (Wife, Mom, Respiratory Therapist and proud member of the “back of the pack”)


For over the last decade, Coach Wolfgang has helped coach me to achieve my highest potential. From helping me break my high school’s 3200m record to walking on to a Division 1 XC and Track program, Coach has given me principled advice to help me achieve my goals… including now when coming back from a 9-month long injury. In the early years of his coaching, his vast knowledge of the sport was invaluable, and I’m still amazed at how much I still have yet to learn about running. One of Coach’s strongest attributes is the balance he brings to individualized performance evaluations. I have never gotten off easy when challenged in a tough workout yet he has been able to change workouts on the fly to accommodate my current fitness level. If I had a son who wanted to excel at running, I would hire Coach Wolfgang. Since I don’t, for now I’ll just continue hiring him to be my coach.


– Luke

Signing up for my first 15K after only previously running mostly 5K’s and one 10K seemed daunting.  I knew I needed a plan to properly train and keep from injuring myself.  Overwhelmed with many options on the internet, I knew I needed a personalized coaching plan.  Eric was extremely helpful with explaining the different types of runs and planned each week out for my, adjusting it along the way as needed.  All I had to do was show up and follow it.  He cheered, sent motivational quotes and helped guide me on what to do each week.  He knew I could do it and made me believe in myself.  My 15K came and I had a wonderful race and time due to the training and coaching I got from Eric.


Eric is the most passionate person I think I’ve ever met. He is so knowledgeable and
never hesitated to take the time out of his busy life to respond to any questions I had. I wasn’t a new runner, but I was new at racing and I knew I was going to need some help. Eric reached out to me when he saw my rant on Facebook and helped me along the way. He taught me the terminology that you read about online (tempo, cadence, MP, HMP, PR) and explained it thoroughly even when I still had questions. His plan met my goals and what I was looking for and also introduced me to adding striders into my routine to help with my pace. The document he used to keep track of my progression was easy to use. I loved having someone to report back to, it kept my momentum going. He is truly interested in seeing your progression and success and that in turn  makes you want to strive to be better. His words of encouragement meant everything to me. I never thought I’d meet someone who loved the sport more than I did.


– Janyce

I highly recommend Eric to any runner looking for professional guidance to take their running to the next level! Eric takes time to get to know his clients before creating a customized program based on running history and future goals. His plans are comprehensive and easy to follow with detailed explanations of key workouts and he follows up to check on progress and make necessary adjustments. He is always willing and excited to talk running and provide much needed encouragement! In addition, Eric includes recommendations on stretching, strength training, nutrition, recovery, and racing strategy. He truly has helped me and my son take our running to a level beyond our initial goals and expectations!! More important than PR’s, Eric’s encouragement and support of my son’s running career has sparked a love for running that I believe will remain a life-long passion. We consider Eric a great coach, running partner, and friend!!


– Ryan (and Tyler)

Coach Wolfgang offers a plethora of stretching, running, and diet information. With 20+ years of experience, between high school and collegiate competition, cross country and track, he has done it all! He has the knowledge and expertise to help the average person prepare for their very first 5K race (me last year!), to assisting the seasoned athlete in lowering their marathon time. He has a positive and encouraging attitude with all of the advice he offers.

– Amy


Eric created a great training plan for my goal race. He helped to tailor it to fit my needs and schedule. As a seasoned runner, Eric helped me focus in on my need of stretching, not only after a workout, but daily. My performance has never been better and I appreciate the time he takes to answer questions as they arise. I would recommend Eric as a running coach to novice runners or seasoned athletes, he will motivate you and help you to train smarter.


– Rachel

I really appreciate your posts on Instagram! I like to run but easily get discouraged because I am pretty slow. The Instagram is easy to check and read but also motivates me with some things to try!

– Emily


I highly recommend Eric as a running coach. He provided valuable and timely feedback on my half marathon training plan which inspired me to run my first marathon this past November! His comments were always positive and helped me get over some hurdles in my training. It’s a great feeling to be part of a larger running community with Eric’s encouragement and support!


– Suzanne

The e-mails are great. They give me the quick bit of info I use to think about my training. 


– Dennis

I highly recommend Eric as a running coach. He helped me train and run two 1/2 marathons this past summer. I had tons of questions, but Eric took the time to answer each one of my questions with the honestly and detail I needed to hear. He was patient with me and I truly value him and admire his dedication & passion for running.

– LeeAnn

Eric has helped me improve my 5k time by 40+ seconds. The workouts he has offered were specific and challenging for my ability. I had researched and experimented with training programs on my own, but the guidance he provided was much more effective. I would recommend to anyone who is interested in improving their running, Eric will help you go farther and faster than you could by yourself.  


– Andrew