Training Plans

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Pick Your Balanced Life Running Plan


1. General Running Fitness Plan

Are you just looking for some day-to-day running advice from a coach?  This plan is a good fit for beginners looking to get their feet wet and see what structured running is all about! With this plan, you can email or text questions about your running.  If you don’t have a specific race in mind, but would like to improve your running fitness and be prepared to run your best at the popular race distances of 5-15K, this plan is for you.  

This plan would also be a good fit for those just beginning their running journeys, or those returning from a long layoff.  

This plan is even a good fit for those with a gym background that have the other stuff figured out, but would just like some support with race-specific running workouts, pacing, and race preparation. A great example would be a Spartan Racer with a strong gym background looking to maximize running potential.

2. Single Race Plan*

If you have a specific race circled on the calendar and would like to maximize your potential, this is your plan. 

*Pretzel City Sports Special: If the race we are preparing for is a Pretzel City Event, I’ll refund your race entry upon completion of the race!

3. Time Goal Plan

Is there a certain PR (personal record) goal or milestone that you’d like to achieve, such as breaking 3 hours in a marathon, or 20 minutes in a 5K? If so, this plan is for you!

Once you pick the plan, we’ll take the following steps…

  • First, I gather information about your running history. You will complete a short questionnaire, then we’ll talk via phone call, FaceTime, or in person if possible. This will include goal setting through personal reflection. You’ll learn to write goals in a specific and measurable fashion.
  • If you need it, I’ll guide you through a time audit to help find the places in your schedule to fit your running, stretching, and core/bodyweight strength work.
  • We will carefully design your daily morning routine. This may seem strange, but in order to maintain productivity and accomplish our goals we must start the day right! Spending the first hour of your day correctly is crucial.
  • Once we’ve gathered your running history, we create a training plan  that includes all of your runs, as well as advice on stretching, core work, and bodyweight strength exercises. We’ll find the right balance of these elements based on what you’ve got going on in your life, and plan by the month.
  • We will conduct a weekly analysis of your training and make tweaks to the plan if needed.
  • You will have daily access to me via email and/or text.

Stroller Plan!


Are you a runner AND new parent? If so, CONGRATS!!! There’s nothing more fun for a running parent than bringing your kiddo along with you while you run. Pushing the stroller doesn’t mean you can’t be serious about your running at the same time. Because some of my absolute fondest running memories involve pushing my kids, this plan is a personal favorite to coach. This plan includes everything mentioned above, as well as advice on how to tweak your pacing with the stroller and life in general with kids!

(I’ve completed well over a hundred races during my running career. By far, my favorite pair of races were two 10-milers that I got to run while pushing my kids in our BOB running stroller. In 2012, my son and I finished the Rail Trail 10-miler together in 1:04.18. Surprised by how fast we were able to run together, I decided to see just how fast I could go with a stroller. In 2015, I took my daughter to the same race, and we finished third overall in 1:00.10!)